Quick Thinking Coach Jumps Into Pool And Saves Olympic Swimmer Who Lost Consciousness In The Water

There are many sports that have a degree of high risk, and swimming is one of them. In order to take part in this sport, you have to be in top physical condition.

This includes the members of the USA Artistic Swimming team. The coach of that team, Andrea Fuentes, has also had an accomplished career, winning four Olympic medals for Spain as an artistic swimmer.

Not only is she a coach, but she also thinks on her feet and jumps in when necessary. This was seen in June 2022, when she became a hero.

Anita Alvarez, who has been in the Olympics as an artistic swimmer two times, was doing a solo free routine. It took place at the World Aquatics Championship, but things didn’t go as expected.

Suddenly, the swimmer lost consciousness in the water and sank to the bottom of the pool. Fuentes began shouting to the lifeguards to get in the water but they were paralyzed. That is when she jumped into the water with all her clothes on to pull out the disabled swimmer.

They took the swimmer away on a stretcher but after receiving medical care, they gave an update that she was feeling better and had normal vital signs.

Alvarez lost consciousness because she had already participated in several events and was exhausted. After being evaluated, they determined she was healthy but she couldn’t compete at the world championship finals.

That doesn’t mean that she wasn’t ready to get back in the water. Almost a year later, she was announced as part of the team that would make up the 2023 World Championship and Pan-American Games members for the USA Artistic Swimming Team.

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