Baby Clydesdale Horse Sees The Sun For The Very First Time And Loves It

Although many of us show love to any animal, we have a special place in our hearts for the baby animals in the world. After all, they are like miniature versions of the adult animals we love so much.

It isn’t only the fact that they are smaller versions of bigger animals, we also appreciate the innocence and love that these little creatures can show us well. Sometimes, we may even live vicariously through them as they discover new things in life.

Photo: YouTube/TayHay InTheWind

That is the case with a Clydesdale foal, who was born at a Clydesdale facility in North Georgia. Like many Clydesdale foals, this one stuck close to its mother but it was about to learn something that it never could have possibly envisioned.

At first, these baby horses will not travel very far away from their mother but as the world opens up to them, they will soon be out running around on their own. As you can see in the video below, the workers at the Clydesdale facility realized that was the case, but they still had a difficult time convincing him that leaving mom was the right thing to do.

Photo: YouTube/TayHay InTheWind

Kyra, one of the Clydesdale mothers had given birth just two days prior to Kid Rock. It was now time for the little one to get out and enjoy some fresh air, but he wasn’t very happy about the situation.

Rather than running out into the open field, he stayed in the stall close to his mom. It just seemed as if he could not figure out whether they were trying to teach him to do something nice or not.

With some coaxing from the trainers and the lead of his mother, Kid Rock eventually was able to move outside of the barn and into the open. When he did, he was able to discover something that changed his world in an amazing way.

Photo: YouTube/TayHay InTheWind

Suddenly, Kid Rock was outside in the sunshine. Although he didn’t know what to think about it at first, it wasn’t long before he was loving life and running around to enjoy his new discovery.

If you’ve never seen a horse that is discovering sunshine, you really owe it to yourself to watch Kid Rock jump, kick, and dance in the sunshine. Watch the sweet moment below:

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