Greyhound Can’t Help but Smile After Finding His Forever Family

Although we have many dogs to choose from when we want to adopt, greyhounds are worth considering.

Many Greyhound adoption groups can help you through the process, and when they find their way to your family, you will have all the love and affection you need.

Greyhounds are good with the entire family and have a very gentle nature that makes them the right choice. That is what one family discovered when they met Claude, who the adoption group, Brightside, was helping.

Claude was not treated well by his former owners. They may have cared for him initially, but eventually, they got tired of raising him and locked him up. He remained locked up for a few years before the rescue group stepped in.

Once Claude had the opportunity to meet his new family, it was love at first sight. According to GeoBeats Animals, his new human mom said he was sweet and stayed next to them the whole time. She said: “We felt like he was the right dog for us.”

Claude had not been an indoor dog, so it took a little while before he could adjust. He wasn’t familiar with going up and down the stairs, and he didn’t even know he had a name.

Trust wasn’t easy, but it eventually started building, and now, Claude is living the good life. His new family couldn’t love him more, and he can get love from every family member.

Claude even gets along with the family cat, so there is a lot of love to go around in that home.

You can see more about Claude and his journey to a forever home in the following video:

You can keep up with Claude on Instagram, @bonjour_claude.

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