Family Rescues Sweet Greyhound Who’d Never Been Indoors Before

A rescued greyhound is living his best life after spending years of his life locked outside.

No dog deserves to be neglected, but it’s a sad reality that many animals face, especially those in the greyhound racing industry. Thankfully, there are rescuers and animal rights activists who push back against the cruel sport and give animals involved a second chance at life.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Claude the greyhound ended up being rescued from the industry when his owner decided he no longer wanted to race.

In an interview with GeoBeats Animals, Claude’s family explained that they adopted him through an animal sanctuary in Tasmania called Brightside.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Apparently, someone purchased Claude and brought him to Tasmania to participate in greyhound racing. However, they ended up losing interest in the idea and left Claude in a “paddock outside for two years.”

When the family decided to adopt Claude from the rescue, they realized he was coming home with them with a broken spirit. His owner shared with GeoBeats Animals, “He hadn’t really been indoors, couldn’t get down the stairs.”

The family worked to gain Claude’s trust and make him feel comfortable. They said, “When he relaxed and opened up, he was just the most affectionate dog.”

Claude ended up being great with the family’s young son and other pets, like their cat named Superhero. Despite his rough past, he’s such a love!

Now that he finally has a home and a family to love, the sweet pup just can’t stop smiling.

You can see more of his story in the video below:

You can keep up with Claude on Instagram, @bonjour_claude.

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