Rescue Dog Uses His Nose To Save Thousands Of Lives By Sniffing Out Disease

A lot of rescue dogs overcome their traumatic pasts and go on to live beautiful, healthy lives. Asher, however, is taking things to a new level by not just changing his own life but changing others as well!

According to Crufts, Claire Guest and the Medical Detection Dogs charity welcomed Asher into their lives after he went through many homes unsuccessfully.

Photo: YouTube/Crufts

Claire explained to Crufts that Asher had a traumatic past but she saw through it and wanted to give him a second chance at life.

Thanks to her dedication to him, he went on to save thousands of lives after being trained as a Bio Detection Dog.

Photo: YouTube/Crufts

Claire and Asher were nominated for The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023 through Crufts in the Rescue Dog Hero category.

Asher uses his nose to detect human disease, which can save lives. Asher is the dog who helped identify that COVID-19 has a distinct odor.

Photo: YouTube/Crufts

Asher and Claire didn’t win the Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023, but their work is still invaluable and their story is moving.

If you want to see more from them, be sure to check out the video below:

Way to go Claire for giving Asher the chance to thrive and flourish!

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