Cincinnati Zoo Treats Animals To Pumpkins To Celebrate National Pumpkin Day

Every year on October 26, the world celebrates one of the most versatile gourds – the pumpkin.

Pumpkins are used in drinks, food, pies, and even as fall decorations.

While there are many ways to celebrate National Pumpkin Day, the Cincinnati Zoo thought to treat their residents to a tasty snack.

No baking required for these treats. Staff handed out raw pumpkins to animals big and small and recorded them devouring the delicious treat.

Pumpkin seemed to be a hit with everyone, especially the hippos.

The popular hippos already draw attention with their larger-than-life personalities and adorable faces. Mama Bibi, Fiona, and baby Fritz all swam up for their special treat.

A video shared on Facebook showcased Bibi’s powerful jaws. It was captioned, “Happy National Pumpkin Day! It’s pumpkin-crushing season and the hippos are happy to participate! Sound up to hear that satisfying crunch!”

The rhinos received jack-o’-lanterns that they used as toys. Instead of eating them, the large animals rolled them around like balls and still enjoyed their pumpkin “enrichment”.

A porcupine named Quill took his time to enjoy every bite. “Quill is in heaven enjoying his pumpkin treat! You can tell by how he closes his eyes while he chews – savoring every morsel,” the zoo shared.

The animals receive pumpkin treats all month long as part of the zoo’s HallZOOween. In addition to the snacks, people can watch as the animals enjoy Halloween-themed enrichment. The spooktacular event is coming to a close this weekend.

Be sure to follow Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Facebook for more entertaining videos.

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