Family Discovers Unconscious Chipmunk On Their Deck And Nurses Her Back To Health

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a chipmunk? Like most people, you probably think about the singing cartoon group, but that isn’t what we are discussing here.

Chipmunks are wild animals, and even though they don’t sing for us, they do provide some entertainment if we take the time to watch them. They may also be destructive, but that isn’t always the case.

Photo: YouTube/ChooChoo’s Story

Sometimes, we may also see a chipmunk that is in need of assistance. After all, they are small creatures that are vulnerable to everything from pests to injury.

Chucky is such a chipmunk that suffered an injury and needed assistance in Korea. A family found Chucky on their deck outside, obviously trying to rest and recuperate, and they shared about the discovery on their popular YouTube channel ChooChoo’s Story.

Seeing the chipmunk alarmed the family, as the poor thing was unconscious. It wasn’t long before they realized Chucky was in need of assistance because she couldn’t move. They moved her inside and nursed her back to help, helping her settle into a cozy drawer.

Photo: YouTube/ChooChoo’s Story

It took a little prodding, but Chucky did eventually move out of the drawer. They didn’t notice any wounds or other signs of injury, but she just wasn’t acting right. If they tried to give her food or touch her, she would quickly shy away.

Although they weren’t sure, they thought she might have a head wound because she had a problem with her movement. She also had a limp arm, so she may have fallen.

After Chucky was out of the drawer, she started running all over the home to get back outside again. The family knew that she was in no condition to do so, and she needed time to recuperate.

Photo: YouTube/ChooChoo’s Story

During her recuperation, she got some mealworms and nuts as a treat. It seemed as if she was happy with any food they put in front of her. For the next several days, Chucky was looking for a way out of the house. Although she appreciated the food, she wanted to get back outside again.

They watched the chipmunk gain strength, and she wasn’t experiencing as many problems. They finally decided they would let her go out of the home, so they opened the door, and out she went.

Although they said goodbye to Chucky at the time, she continued to recover and came back a number of weeks later. She enjoyed eating some nuts out of a bowl, and people could even pet her. You can watch her story in the video below:

Although they aren’t sure, they think that Chucky is looking for a new home and may be sticking around. Who knows, perhaps they will see her more often.

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