Chris Evans Gifted His Dog A Shirt From The Movie ‘The Gray Man’

It’s no secret that Chris Evans loves dogs.

In fact, he once admitted that the only reason he had an Instagram account was to post photos of dogs.

True to that statement, Evans regularly posts content about his pup and gives little sneak peaks into his life with Dodger.

When Evans isn’t busy dotting on Dodger, he’s acting in major films, like the new Netflix movie The Gray Man. Evans plays Lloyd Hansen, the main antagonist in the film.

In the movie, Hansen was often seen sporting a blue and white polo shirt, a look that became iconic to the character. Evans even posted a photo of himself in character with the shirt on, saying, “Lloyd Hansen. (I loved that shirt).”

While Evans may have loved the shirt, there was a wardrobe mishap that caused it to become far too small for him to wear.

He shared on Instagram, “While filming #thegrayman the wardrobe department accidentally shrunk one of Lloyd’s shirts. I obviously kept it for one reason.”

That reason? His beloved pup, Dodger, fit the shrunk shirt perfectly! Check out the adorable photo below:

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