Sweet, Smart, & Fun Chocolate Lab with Personality Described as “Delightful” in Need of Rescuing

I’m Ruby, but I go by the name Remi. I am a sweet, smart, and fun 8-year-old chocolate Lab girl. My former mom has described my personality as “delightful” and that I’m a devoted and loyal companion to my human. I’m looking for a home with no dogs, cats, or other creatures. Honestly, I’m all you’ll need cuz I’m that special.

I have basic training and obedience skills perfected. I’m very loving, affectionate, and silly. I’m also playful and enjoy cuddling with you. Attention is the best! Belly pats, chest rubs, water, and bath time are my favorites, but I don’t like the blow dryer, so maybe we can skip it when I get out of the tub and use a towel instead.

adoptable chocolate lab
Photo: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

When it comes to treats, I have a very soft mouth and take them gently. I love car rides, laying in the sun, and finding a quiet, sheltered place to rest. I can be trusted if left alone in the house, and I like my crate, too. I don’t jump on people or furniture, either, as I’m very respectful of my surroundings.

I love meeting new people after greeting them with a loud bark, which leads me to say I’m an excellent watchdog. I’m a pro in the backyard “hunting” for critters like lizards, too.

All in all, I’m pretty much perfect! Ok, well, I do have one small fault. I must be the only dog in the household because I’m not very nice around other creatures. My instinct is to go after them. I love to go on walks, but if I see another dog, I will pull hard and be very reactive.

adoptable chocolate lab
Photo: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

I am, however, working on that and learning to have good control when my handler refocuses my attention. Then I’m responsive and redirect when I’m told. I just need you to remind me when I get distracted. I really want to please you. You see, I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I sometimes can’t help my natural instincts.

I have devotion, loyalty, and unconditional love for humans, and I’m hoping one will love me enough to work with me. When my tail wags, all is good in my world, and I do that a lot. If you think we may have a connection, give me a jingle. I’ll also show you my cute “stompie” trick if we meet.

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