Chocolate Lab Puppy Steals Hearts By “Observing The Fishes” In Precious Video

We can learn so many things from our dogs like how to love unconditionally and enjoy the little things in life. Dogs also have a way of living in the moment – something we all need to improve on.

An adorable chocolate lab puppy is going viral for “observing the fishes” and showing the world how relaxing life on a lake can be.

The 19-second video was shared on the Reddit thread r/What’sWrongWithYourDog by u/lmaosmh and is the most relaxing thing I have seen in a long time.

Screenshot: Reddit/u/lmaosmh

In the video, the puppy is seen sitting on a floating mat as fish swim up and around its paws. The pup doesn’t move and just stares at the fish as they test the water and come even closer.

The owner narrates for the dog and says “my new friends” and then ends the clip by adding, “Minnesota dogs are the best.”

Numerous viewers took to the comments to share what their dog would do in a similar situation.

One person wrote, “My dog is really dramatic, and just a derp, she would be panicking and flailing around like one of the fishes.”

Another said, “I wish my dog was this zen. He still immediately deploys High Alert Adrenaline Mode when a leaf blows past.”

Screenshot: Reddit/u/lmaosmh

Others commented that there is nothing wrong with the dog and it is pure perfection.

“It’s actually a super beautiful moment. Peacefully curious,” added one user.

A few were intrigued by the mat the dog was floating on which is a Maui Mat. The price of the floating foam pad shocked some viewers.

A dog owner replied, “I was thinking my dog would love that mat till I googled it. That thing is $600 and knowing my dog the second i turned my back she’d take a chunk off it”.

Check out the precious video below and don’t forget to share!

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