Watch How a Chimpanzee Generously Shares an Apple with a Tortoise

Rare interactions between two different animals do not just happen in cartoons. Most times, those moments are not just caught on camera — but sometimes, the internet will just surprise people with a viral video like this one. Animal videos reach a wide range of audiences, as all of them are funny, cuddly, heartwarming, or entertaining. It’s a great way to extend positivity to a large number of people.

Photo: Twitter/Danny Deraney

On Twitter, a video of a tortoise and a chimpanzee made people laugh and smile with their interaction. Those two animals are rarely seen with each other — the once-in-a-blue-moon bond became a treasure on the internet. The video was shared by various Twitter users, including Danny Deraney.

The chimpanzee was shown feeding the tortoise an apple in the short clip. Seconds into the video, it was revealed that the two animals were sharing a bite of the fruit. It was both funny and adorable — the chimpanzee understands the importance of sharing.

Although sweet, the viewers couldn’t help but notice that the tortoise had difficulty taking a bite. The chimpanzee must have thought the tortoise was getting its fair share of the apple. Twitter users wondered if the chimpanzee was really sharing the apple or just teasing the tortoise. The video wasn’t just entertaining — it was also an excellent conversation starter. Nevertheless, the tortoise still got a taste and earned a chimpanzee friend.

The clip shared by Danny Deraney earned thousands of likes and views — as well as hundreds of retweets and quote retweets. He tweeted the video with the caption, “Would you like to see a chimpanzee and tortoise as best buds and sharing an apple? Of course, you do.” Who wouldn’t be interested in the rare friendship that was built by eating an apple? Food truly does bring people closer — even animals.

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