Internet Is Baffled Over Man’s Tweet About Childless Millennials

Get ready for some hot takes in this article!

This person tweeted something controversial regarding childless millennials, and the internet is not having it.

Now this person tweeted this back on August 24, and I’m honestly surprised that it’s still up. With the amount of people disagreeing and making fun of the post, you’d think that he would delete his tweet.

But it looks like this person’s stance on childless millennials is really so strong that they have embraced the infamy that his tweet garnered.

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The topic might be sensitive to some. Children are not something you just “produce” for your own sake. There are loads of factors that come with choosing to be a parent. And there are some people who may want one but are unable to have one.

What baffles most people though is that this person points out that childless millennials can only “keep trying to be sexy and have fun” and that he expects them to “see a lot of sadness and confusion about what to do at that point.” Talk about assuming, am I right?

Not gonna lie; this tweet got me a little heated when I first saw it. It’s not that I agree or disagree with the post. It’s just the audacity of this person to preach to childless individuals. Here’s one reply that I most definitely agree with:

I mean, where’s the lie? Having a child is expensive.

Someone else replied that “children shouldn’t exist just to satiate the boredom and sadness of adults.” Most definitely.

Following his tweet about childless millennials, the poster added, “Without the natural connections and belonging that literally emerge from marriage and fertility, the latter years become very cold and lonely. Those ‘Friendsgivings’ will get old, quickly.”

I disagree with this one solely because my parent’s marriage didn’t really turn out well. I’m sure there are others who share the same fate. A family isn’t always going to be a happy one.

One user agreed with the childless millennials tweet, saying that, “family isn’t about choice, it’s about unconditional love and connection… The ME generation of therapies to move from ‘toxic’ family is commercial crap.” That’s another hot take, if I do say so myself.

Another user commented under this reply, “Are you assuming every parent and child have this loving unconditional relationship? Have you ever read a book or watched a movie?”

Books and movies aside, I repeat that not every family is a happy one.

Having a child is not something you decide on just because you’re afraid of your own future. Treating your child as an investment plan of some sort is definitely a recipe for a broken relationship from the start.

If you want a child, good for you. If not, then there’s nothing wrong with that as well. To each their own, as I always say.

To end this article on a lighter note, here’s another reply that basically sums up the whole controversial tweet and how it was received by (most of) the public.

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