This Young Boy Shows the Kind of Veterinary Care that Every Pet Owner Looks For

Obviously, this young boy’s dream is to be a veterinarian!

And he’s someone everybody would love to have take care of their pets and cure their illnesses.

Watching this boy live his dream even for just a short while, knowing he still has many years of schooling to finish, will make you wish that every vet in the world had this boy’s kind of care and compassion.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Thund3rbolt

And from how his dog patient responds to him, it’s like watching a young Dr. Dolittle in action. No need for so many words, it is easy to imagine every kind of animal responding to his loving concern. In both human and animal worlds, compassion makes a whole lot of difference in healing a body or a soul.

Sadly, not only do we lack vet clinics that value animal welfare first more than profit, there are fewer young people who want to pursue this profession.

In the United States, where there is only an average of 2,500-2,600 graduates who become veterinarians per year, it is predicted that there will be a roughly 15,000-person veterinarian shortage by 2030. These findings were based on the studies which Mars Veterinary Health — the world’s leading provider of veterinary care and employer of veterinary professionals — recently asked researchers to conduct.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Thund3rbolt

Such a shortage, according to Banfield Pet Hospital, would leave 75 million pets without veterinary care by 2030.

To overcome this problem and to avoid adding further stress to operating veterinarians, Mars Veterinary Health is dedicated in finding solutions which include “supporting enrollment expansion across the American veterinary medical colleges — with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Thund3rbolt

In addition to these, Mars Veterinary Health is looking into preventative healthcare for pets, telehealth services for animals, and innovative practices as means to provide healthcare access to more pets with less pressure on veterinarians.

“Early in the pandemic, increases in pet adoptions — and the strengthened bond between people and their pets — was a bright spot in our newsfeeds, but it had the unintended effect of accelerating an already existing veterinary professional staffing shortfall,” said Dr. Jennifer Welser, Chief Medical Officer at Mars Veterinary Health. “While the shortage is a serious issue, it’s not insurmountable if we stay focused and work together as an industry to re-envision a more sustainable future. Veterinary professionals are among the most resilient people I know, and in partnership with pet owners, we will make a better world for pets.”

Watch this future vet and his equally adorable dog patient!