Chibi The Sparrow Imprinted On This Couple That Rescued Her, And Now They’re Inseparable

People adopt all kinds of animals.

Usually, the first choice for a pet would be cats and dogs. And then there are stories about people suddenly falling in love with squirrels that they rescued, and we have one story where a woman unknowingly adopted a wolf.

But would it be possible to adopt a flighty stray bird?

PHOTO: Unsplash/Cédric VT

Unlike this couple that had to wait for months to catch a stray parakeet in their yard, we have another couple that had little to no trouble when they rescued an orphaned sparrow that they found lying on the ground next to another nestling that had sadly already passed away.

Maybe the bird just fell from its nest, or maybe it got thrown out. It’s natural for some birds to throw their babies out of the nest. Either the nestling is sick, already dead, or they can’t feed all of their chicks – birds will only keep their healthiest chicks. It might seem heartless, but that’s just nature.

Left with no other choice, the kindhearted couple decided to take in the baby sparrow temporarily.

Alesh and Janja provided the weak bird with food and a comfy bed, and by the third day with the couple, Chibi the sparrow started to walk around by herself. The couple took this as a sign that Chibi felt comfortable enough and have imprinted on them already.

After a few more days, Chibi finally started flying around the house. The couple took her outside, expecting Chibi to fly away. Chibi didn’t want to leave.

At this point, the couple was still planning on setting Chibi free but felt uncertain about releasing her out in the wild.

“How could we leave this little ball of friendly fluff in some random tree?”

Still, they felt that it was the right thing to do, so they decided just to release Chibi in a friend’s garden. Chibi flew away into a tree, but she returned to her parents after a few seconds.

As almost all rescue stories go, the couple inevitably falls in love with Chibi and decides to keep her.

“No longer were we stressed out from trying to find her a perfect place to live. That place was here with us…There is no way for us to know that she won’t fly away one day. But we decided to let her make that decision.”

2 years later, Chibi is still happily living with Alesh and Janja! It seems like Chibi won’t be leaving her found family anytime soon!

Watch Chibi grow up on her Youtube channel. Check out her latest video below!

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