How Cheetahs Talk To One Other

The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah.

This powerful, majestic animal has the looks and speeds to intimidate its prey on the African grasslands.

Photo: Max Pixel

According to the IFAW, cheetahs are classified as big cats, but their vocalizations are anything but typical.

Unlike the lions that share their environment, cheetahs don’t really roar. Instead, cheetahs communicate much like their domesticated counterparts, through a series of purrs, hisses, trills, yips, and growls.

Photo: Max Pixel

Listening to a cheetah, it’s hard to imagine them being apex predators. They are so adorable sounding in the educational video that the Toronto Zoo compiled in order to explain how cheetahs communicate with the world around them.

As the video explains, “Cheetahs can be very vocal cats, with a wide ‘vocabulary’ of noises: from purring and hissing typical of a house cat, to trills, chirps, and yips which are almost bird-like!”

Photo: YouTube/Toronto Zoo

Watching the video, it is so cute to hear all the sounds they’re capable of making. It’s like they’re big house cats instead of wild animals.

Check out the adorable little video of a cheetah communicating below:

What do you think? Have you ever heard a cheetah make noises before? Don’t they sound like giant house cats? Let us know!

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