Mischievous Cheetah Steals Wildlife Cameraman’s Jacket

If you happen to have a cat in your family, you realize that they have a playful side to them. It isn’t out of the ordinary to see them playing, although some cats will try to hide it to the best of their ability.

It seems as if this is not only true of the common house cat, but it’s true of many big cats as well.

As you see in the video below, some juvenile cheetahs were busy getting into some mischief with their mother and taking advantage of a wildlife filmmaker.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

That filmmaker, Gordon Buchanan, was shooting a video for the Cheetah Family & Me on BBC Two.

He had been taking videos of the cubs for practically their entire lives, so they were getting comfortable with him being nearby.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

When the moment was right, the cheetahs decided they would steal his jacket. They then hung out with it, almost teasing him until he was able to get up the nerve to go retrieve it.

Then again, as he was trying to retrieve his jacket, one of the cheetahs came over to try to steal his camera bag.

Photo: YouTube/BBC Earth

Needless to say, it’s rather interesting to watch it all unfold.

Check out the video below:

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