A Cheetah Might Look Scary, But the Wildcat Actually Knows How to Return a Kiss

Wildcats such as lions, tigers, panthers, and cheetahs are all deemed dangerous. However, people tend to forget that there’s still a tiny kitty inside them — waiting to receive love and affection. Large cats can also purr when they feel satisfied and happy. They can be sweet, especially when they don’t see a human as a threat. Wildcats can determine if you genuinely care about them and can even sense your fear. If you win their heart, you’ll surely melt at seeing a big cat acting like a kitten.

Photo: Pexels/Magda Ehlers

To prove that wildcats do not quickly attack humans, a video from Instagram showed a friendship between this woman and a cheetah. They sat beside each other, and the woman kissed the cheetah. Surprisingly, the wildcat licked her cheek to return her kiss. It was indeed shocking and a pretty rare occurrence. You can even hear the cheetah’s purr — expressing happiness for the love it received from the woman.

Photo: Instagram/catslovelyin

Apparently, the woman was from the wildcat conservation where the cheetah was being kept. The two have built a wonderful friendship, which proves that wild animals do not intend to harm people. You don’t always get to see a cheetah displaying affection. That’s why the video gained 2.5 million views, 227k likes, and hundreds of comments. People expressed various reactions in the comment section. Instagram users were amazed and shocked; some even threw jokes in.

The Instagram reel was uploaded by a cat content curator, Cats Lovely. If you are a cat lover, you will definitely enjoy browsing each post from the Instagram page. Complete your friends’ day with daily meows and purrs from adorable felines — big or small.

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