Worried Woman Takes Kitten To The Vet And Her Diagnosis Leaves The Internet In Stitches

We do what we can to take care of the animals that are in our families. Some people refer to them as our pets but we know better, they are our children, brothers, and sisters.

When we take care of an animal, we realize that they are going to give us much more in return. That is why we provide them with the best of the best when it comes to good food, good company, and a nice place to sleep.

Photo: flickr/Jennifer C

Of course, when something goes wrong, we also want to make sure that they are well taken care of. This might mean buying them some medicine or perhaps taking them to the veterinarian.

Nobody knows this better than the owner of a beautiful little kitten named Cheesecake. Her human took care of her every single day but unfortunately, Cheesecake started to experience some health problems that were rather alarming.

Photo: Facebook/Haley Andrewson Facebook to talk about the situation. She said: “I’ve been very worried about Cheesecake lately, because she is so bulbous. I was worried about worms, or worse, fluid build up from FIP.”

After the concerned pet owner took Cheesecake to the vet, they ran some tests and looked for fluid. Haley was absolutely beside herself with anxiety to the point where her heart was racing.

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She was afraid that she was going to lose her beloved Cheesecake, because FIP is fatal to kittens if untreated.

Suddenly, the veterinarian stepped back into the room and handed the carrier over with Cheesecake in it. She tried to read the veterinarian’s face but couldn’t quite tell what she was thinking. Haley was absolutely terrified.

Photo: Facebook/Haley Andrews

That is when she got the big news. The veterinarian said: “Just fat. Cheesecake is just fat.”

Who would’ve guessed it?

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