Cheeky Beagle Steals Bite of Croissant on Bike Ride Caught in Viral TikTok Video

Most of us know we can’t leave food within nibbling distance of our dogs unless we want to share. When it happens, we usually give a disapproving look and a stern warning not to repeat the behavior, but sometimes we can’t help but laugh. That’s what happened recently when a mischievous beagle took a mouthful of a flaky croissant while out for a spin with his human while she peddled her bike.

Beagle Love

Caught on TikTok, it’s happened more than once when Gappie the Beagle just couldn’t restrain himself from the taste-tempting treats when they were within nibbling range. Too close to ignore, Gappie — who frequently rides in the front basket of his mom’s bicycle — swiveled around from enjoying the view to see the baked goods hanging from his mom’s left hand. His owner Manon Menting, 32, from Amsterdam, Netherlands, told Newsweek Gappie, who’s 2, is “always hungry.”

Photo: TikTok/gappie_the_beagle

Gappie the Beagle

Gappie has his own TikTok page @gappie_the_beagle where he can be seen getting into all sorts of mischief, but many of his videos revolve around these regular bike rides. The basket he sits in looks like a milk crate strapped to the front of the handlebars, but it makes the perfect perch for the perky copilot to ride around in. In the first video with the croissant, you can hear Manon laugh as Gappie swipes a bite and the front end of the bicycle begins to wobble slightly. The second video shared shows a similar maneuver, but this time with a pastry.

Funny TikTok Videos

To date, the funny dog video captioned “Don’t you hate it when that happens?” has received more than 3 million views and is pushing 300,000 likes. That’s pretty good considering Gappie only has about 27,000 followers, which is nothing to sneeze at. With these food-swiping clips, our bet is that these numbers continue to grow and Gappie will become even more popular than he is now. Check out his hijinks in the videos below.


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