Experts Urge Drivers To Check Under Their Vehicles Before Driving Away On Cold Mornings

Experts are warning drivers to check under their cars on cold mornings to avoid driving off with a cat hidden beneath.

Because cars can provide a bit of shelter and even some heat, it’s a nice place for cats to snuggle up and stay out of the weather. However, it’s also a very dangerous place.

Photo: Pexels/Aidan Jarrett

Unknowing motorists might start a car and drive away without realizing there’s a feline tucked away under the car, behind a tire, or even between the engine and hood.

According to The Mirror, motor experts with have issued a warning to motorists regarding the issue.

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Tim Alcock with said: “No driver wants to be responsible for the death of somebody’s beloved pet cat. But on these cold mornings, it’s important to bear in mind that someone’s furry friend may be peacefully slumbering under the car. We’re asking every driver to spend a couple of minutes checking for any pets that might be lurking around the tires or under the car.”

He went on to say that if you do find a cat under your car, you should gently shoo it away or give it a nudge before starting the vehicle up and driving away. Make sure the cat isn’t behind the car before backing out.

Photo: Pexels/Alex Hrek

He added, “It’s important for all drivers to be aware of this and not just those who own cats. After all, cats don’t just target their owner’s cars for a snooze. Any vehicle is fair game to them.”

The last thing we’d want is to hurt someone’s pet or even a stray! It only takes a few minutes to check your car before driving and it could end up saving a life.

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