Man Claims ChatGTP Saved His Dog’s Life When The Vet Couldn’t Figure Out A Diagnosis

A dog owner is thanking artificial intelligence for saving his dog’s life when the veterinarian couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Twitter user @peakcooper (who identifies as Cooper on the app) is the proud dog dad to a border collie named Sassy.

Photo: Pexels/Brixiv

Unfortunately, Sassy’s health took a turn for the worse when she was diagnosed with a tick-borne disease and became severely anemic as a result of it.

Cooper shared on Twitter that the vet started her on the proper treatment, and “despite a serious anemia, her condition seemed to be improving relatively well.”

Cooper went on to share on the Twitter thread that after days of treatment, Sassy’s treatment was no longer working and the veterinarian couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Cooper tweeted, “At this point, the dog’s condition was getting worse and worse, and the vet had no clue what it could be. They suggested we wait and see what happens, which wasn’t an acceptable answer to me, so we rushed to another clinic to get a second opinion.”

While waiting on a second opinion, Cooper had the thought to take matters into his own hands by feeding Sassy’s bloodwork and symptoms to the new popular AI system, ChatGPT.

Cooper was impressed by ChatGPT’s analysis. He tweeted, “Its interpretation was spot on, and it suggested there could be other underlying issues contributing to the anemia.”

Along with the tweet, he included a photo of the AI-produced answer:

ChatGPT ended up suggesting the dog might be suffering from IMHA, a common complication of tick-borne disease.

When Cooper and Sassy arrived at the second veterinarian, Cooper asked if she could be suffering from IMHA and the vet agreed that she could be.

Further bloodwork and testing confirmed that’s what was wrong. “After numerous other tests, the diagnosis was confirmed. GPT4 was right,” Cooper wrote.

Cooper was pleased to share that Sassy was started on proper treatment, “and she’s made almost a full recovery now.”

It’ll be interesting to see how artificial intelligence can be used for medical diagnosis in the future.

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