Adoptable Charlie Wants a Golden Ticket to a Forever Home

Retrievers are still one of the most popular breeds on the planet. That is due in large part to their gentle and laidback demeanors. They are terrific companion animals and great with kids. If you’ve ever dreamed of having one of your own to cuddle up next to, now’s your chance.

It just so happens that Dessert Labrador Retriever Rescue in central Arizona has a beautiful boy named Charlie who is searching high and low for a forever home. If you’re interested, read his story below, which he was kind enough to prepare and share with his foster caregiver:

yellow lab
Photo: DLRR

Labrador Mix

I’m Charlie, an 8-year-old positively lovable and sweet Labrador mix! I’ll greet you each and every morning with tail wags as I embark on my perfect day. It all begins with a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, where I sniff out bunnies and birds and take care of my important business. Long walks aren’t really my thing, as I generally prefer to cozy up in my soft bed with an occasional sturdy chew toy.

When it comes to food, I’m not exactly a chowhound, but oh boy, treats make me wag my tail in pure joy! Belly rubs and physical affection are my absolute favorites – I’ll shower you with smiles and gentle nuzzles to show how much I adore you in return.

adoptable lab
Photo: DLRR

Finely Tuned Couch Potato

As previously noted, my ideal state is lounging on my comfy dog bed, and boy, I’m a world-class napper! I’m a very good boy and have earned the trust of my foster mom and dad, so they let me roam the house when they’re away. That’s saying something, don’t you think?

All in all, I’m a friendly fella and play nice with my humans and doggie pals. I’m easy-going and well-behaved, always greeting my friends with a tail wag and a big ol’ doggy smile. Mom says my coat is so soft and makes me irresistible to touch. Let’s pawsitively enjoy life together with love and tail wags all around!

adoptable lab
Photo: DLRR

Animal Adoption

If you or someone you know might be interested in welcoming Charlie into your home, visit DLRR for an adoption application or you can contact them with any questions you might have. Even if you just think he’s cute, please share this animal with as many people as you can to increase his chances of adoption.

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