Channing The Fancy Show Dog Has A Date At The Groomers

We could all use some pampering from time to time. There’s nothing quite like going in for a spa day and allowing others to care for our every need.

Being pampered is not only something that we enjoy as humans, but dogs also appreciate the opportunity to get pampered. In fact, they will take that pampering anytime it comes their way.

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

In the following video, you see Channing enjoying pampering at the groomers. Channing is a rather interesting dog and is a breed that many people are not familiar with.

Not only is Channing a Borzoi, but he is also the number one dog of his breed in Canada. He has won “best in show” multiple times, and he is just getting started in his career.

Channing is three years old and recently had the opportunity to go to Girl With The Dogs for a spa day. Seeing such a massive hound dog standing still and allowing someone to bathe him without even making a fuss was impressive.

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

His demeanor is typical of the breed, as they are very kind and calm. It makes us love him much more as we watch him being trimmed, shampooed, and blown dry.

Borzois also make good family pets because they are so calm and get attached to their owners. At the same time, however, they don’t do well with stress. It’s not good to leave them alone for an extended amount of time.

Photo: YouTube/Girl With The Dogs

Additionally, they tend to chase anything they can, so you don’t want to have them off on a walk without a leash.

Undoubtedly, this is a very sensitive and beautiful breed of dog. We’re happy to be introduced to such an excellent example of the Borzoi.

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