Young Chance, the Black Lab, Has a Golden Personality He’d Like to Share

Hello all! Chance here … sharing about myself to find that lucky forever family. I am a 1-year-old male Labbie mix that exudes a zest for life, suggested by my abundant energy. I was discovered as a stray roaming in the desert heat when a good Samaritan rescued me and contacted DLRR to take me in so I would be well cared for until my forever family appeared. Lucky me, right?

I have a wonderful personality, adore people, and get along well with other dogs but cats … well, I’m not sure. I am reportedly responsible and respectful in the house and prefer not to be destructive. I am unsure if I counter surf, because I don’t have that opportunity right now.

adoptable black lab puppy
Photo: DLRR

I love to go on walks, and sometimes my excitement supersedes my good manners — well, maybe most of the time that happens. However, my walking partners tell me I just need a few minutes to release some of my puppy excitement, and then I walk quite nicely on the leash. I try not to pull, but oftentimes I forget the rules. Big learning curves I’m hoping you can help me with!

I weigh about 68 pounds right now, and my friends that walk me say I am a bit too lean, so I am working on buffing up by getting more chow each meal. That makes me very happy! Oh, and did I mention that, yes, of course, I love treats, as many as you will dole out, but I take them very gently? It’s true!

adoptable black lab puppy
Photo: DLRR

And speaking of true confessions: I jump when I am really excited but again, once redirected, I mind my manners. I am very smart and learn quickly, if I may say so myself. I know the commands of sit, easy, down, and shake. Since I am a foodie, I will likely be quite trainable because there is little I wouldn’t do for a yummy snack! Just sayin’.

adoptable black lab
Photo: DLRR

My Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue friends say I will excel in a family that is experienced with rescue pups such as myself. They need to be patient and tolerant of my puppy energy while also being loving so I can come to be my best. A strong leader is in my future, I can tell already.

Oh yeah, and they need to commit to my training and be a partner in it so we build our relationship together. I don’t think that is asking too much.

If you are interested in meeting me to see if you are as lucky as I am, please fill out an adoption application so DLRR can discuss the possibility of my coming to live with you.

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