Watch How Dog’s Lives Change When They’re Let Off A Chain

Having a dog is a big responsibility.

Not only do you have a furry companion relying on you for food and water and shelter, but you also need to make sure you’ve got adequate room for them. That means having a space where they can freely roam.

Photo: YouTube/Beyond Fences

Many people who have dogs have nice, big fenced yards where their dogs can freely run around. But sometimes, that’s not the case. Sometimes you see rather sad-looking dogs stuck on chains in the middle of their yard.

That isn’t a great way to keep a dog. They need to be able to run about and enjoy life, not just live tethered to a rope in which their world is the circumference of a rope.

Photo: YouTube/Beyond Fences

It was the Coalition to Unchain Dogs that is now on a mission to do its best to help all the dogs who are chained up.

The Coalition goes about helping chained-up dogs by providing many different services for their owners, such as free spay/neuter, vaccinations, and even fence building. So far, the results are incredible.

Photo: YouTube/Beyond Fences

It’s so amazing to see how happy the dogs are once they’re able to live life off a chain.

Watch the video down below:

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