Certified Mail, Huh? Employee Gets Even with Boss Who Slandered Her After Discovering His Secret

Another viral post on Reddit’s popular r/MaliciousCompliance forum!

And yes, it involves a toxic boss too — so many of them in the workplace, which makes you wonder why. There are many good and smart employees out there, and yet these immature leaders are able to climb the ladder quicker?!!

In this case, this toxic boss is the company owner. Well, he’s on top of the rung because he has the money. But, he also has a secret, toxic way to get richer.


Here is OP’s story, under the username u/98343446. It’s on Reddit’s r/MaliciousCompliance: “I once worked for a company that provides therapy to children. The company owner was not licensed/credentialed to do this, but I am, so he hired me. I got hired, did my job, supervised the other workers, kept all files electronically, and kept the data up to date. (Everything was HIPAA compliant.) As time passed, I found out he was committing insurance fraud. I knew I wanted to report him and quit. However, due to the type of therapy I do, I didn’t want to leave the clients without therapy. They didn’t do anything wrong. I decided to give my boss 4 weeks’ notice so he could hire someone else and I could transfer care properly.”

However, OP’s boss was furious with her resignation and didn’t approve of the 4-week transition period, even though it was to the company’s benefit. What he did was immediately fire OP, and then he started to spread lies about her to destroy her reputation. When OP learned about it, she obtained the services of an attorney to issue him a cease-and-desist letter, which was sent to her former boss as certified mail.

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Upon receiving it, her former toxic boss wanted to get even. OP wrote, “He reached out to me and said the company needed all of their materials back, as well as client data. He said he would only accept it in certified mail. Of course, I wanted to send the books and materials I had back to him as well as transfer the data to him, but it didn’t make sense to send hard copies of the data. It would be a lot easier to securely email the graphed data I had. It would also make it easier on whomever took over my caseload as the data system and graphs would already be set up for them.”

OP tried to explain the matter to her former boss, but she got rebuffed. OP said in ther post, “He replied, ‘I will no longer reply to you. I told you to send all materials in certified mail, and that’s what I expect to happen.’ Cue malicious compliance. I printed all of the raw data and graphs I had. This ended up being about 200 pages worth of information. When it printed, it looked all wonky and extremely difficult to read across that many pages. As I was packing the books, materials, and 200 pages of printed data into the box to be sent, I accidentally dropped it, and the papers scattered everywhere. I picked them up, but they were all out of order and impossible to tell how to put them back in order, so I just boxed everything up out of order and sent it to him certified mail with signature.”

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Since it’s certified mail, OP was sure that her former boss received it. Another thing that OP was sure of was whoever had taken over her work must have had a most difficult time sorting the papers out. But then, it was what her former toxic boss wanted; it was no longer her concern.

Then, OP also revealed in an edit to the post that she had reported him to insurance fraud investigators. Later, she learned that the company finally shut down. The fraudulent guy opened another company again years later, but if he hasn’t learned anything from the past, he may just end up in jail the next time around.

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