Twin Loses Sister and Is Scolded for Celebrating Birthday

We all need help from time to time, but there are some who go through difficulties that are even more stressful. That was the case for one 17-year-old girl who had a twin sister that died almost a year ago.

The girl admits that losing her sister was like losing her best friend. She feels as if a part of her has been missing since the loss.

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Fortunately, she is getting some therapy, but her parents are not doing well. She said ‘they argue a lot’ and admits that they rarely argued before.

Since she had a twin sister, she has the same birthday as her sister. On that day, she decided to stay home from school, and her parents understood, but there was a problem.

The Day Did Not Start on A Happy Note

Her parents knew what day it was, but they didn’t wish her a happy birthday or buy her a present, so she stayed in bed most of the day.

After school, a few of her close friends, who were also friends with her sister, brought cupcakes, balloons, and presents. She was happy that someone cared enough about her to celebrate her birthday.

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Unfortunately, the mother didn’t agree, and she yelled for her to come upstairs. When the daughter explained what happened, she couldn’t believe that her daughter would want to celebrate a birthday without her sister.

Trying to Defuse The Situation

The girl wrote: “I said, ‘Well, it’s my birthday too, and I miss my sister so much. Today’s been really hard for me, but you and Dad act like today just isn’t our birthday.'”

She went on to tell her mother that she should still acknowledge that her one daughter is there and try to support her.

This only made her mother more angry, and they haven’t talked since the exchange.

The girl said it was hard having her birthday without her twin sister, but she can’t act as if the day isn’t there, and she knows her sister would want her to celebrate.

After posting this on Reddit and looking for some feedback, many people came forward to let her know that she was not in the wrong.

In fact, many said that they were happy the girl was getting therapy and felt that the parents would benefit from therapy as well.

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