Animal Shelter Is Using ‘Catvana’ Ads For Cat Adoption

There is something special about rescuing a cat. Not only are we saving them from life in a shelter or perhaps even worse, they are saving us by providing a lifetime of love.

The unfortunate reality for many cats that find their way into animal shelters, however, is not as bright. Shelters do what they can to assist the adoption process and to get more people to adopt, but sometimes it takes some extra effort.

This is happening in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where Pippi’s Place Pet Rescue is putting cats up for adoption in an amazing way. It may seem strange, but it’s working!

Immitation At Its Best

If you aren’t familiar with Carvana, it’s a popular website where people put their cars for sale. You can go in and browse through the car ads, taking a quick look at what is available.

Pippi’s Place took a page out of that book and did something for the cats they have. Rather than selling cars, they are featuring cats for adoption by using ‘Catvana’ style ads.

The Catvana website even has a humorous tagline: “They don’t come from vending machines, but they do love boxes.”

#Catvana update!! Look at all those adopted kitties! Seven out of the original nine Catvana cats have now been adopted….

Posted by Pippi's Place Pet Rescue on Tuesday, June 13, 2023

This is a unique and fun way to display the cats for sale. Essentially, you are looking at the current inventory and getting all of the details you need to make a ‘buying decision.’

Choose Your Cat

You get the year and name of each cat in the ad, as well as additional information that will help you to choose the one that is right for your family.

Meowzda CASSIE has an updated #CatVana listing after it was discovered that she LOVES being held like a baby! This sweet…

Posted by Pippi's Place Pet Rescue on Sunday, June 4, 2023

Kayla Delcoure got the idea by watching her husband look for a new truck. She is the social media manager for Pipi’s Place, and she knew it was the right choice to make.

In the interview with NPR, she said: “[He] occasionally brings me his phone to show me the listings. On Tuesday morning, while I was brainstorming cute ways to display all nine of Pippi’s Place’s available cats in one post, my husband walked into my office to show me a truck listing.”

And that is how the idea was born. Before long, a page was created online to show the cats that were ready to be adopted.

It took no time at all for this new page to go viral and to spread across the Internet like wildfire. Even news outlets were talking about the unique idea.

All of this publicity was really good for the rescue, and it certainly was good for the cats that were featured in the ads.

And Then Carvana Showed Up

This may make you wonder how Carvana felt about the idea. After all, many companies are very possessive of their designs, so did they make them take it down?

Actually, representatives from Carvana came in personally to the rescue for a little one-on-one assistance. They even brought a $4000 check with them to help care for the animals.

In speaking with Atlanta First News, a representative from Carvana said they felt it was unnecessary to make the rescue take down the social media post.

She said: “Let’s connect with them and see what their actual needs are.”

It’s a beautiful thing when companies work together for the greater good.

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