Why Do Cats Sleep Like Loaves Of Bread?

I remember my mom reading this poem to me as a kid, it was something along the lines of “cats sleep fat but walk thin,” and those lines stood out to me. Mainly because it’s so true.

The cat loaf is a very famous position for our furry felines to sleep in. They basically tuck themselves up into a loaf position. But why?

Photo: YouTube/Jackson Galaxy

Well, luckily for us, the cat expert, Jackson Galaxy, is here to explain the significance of the cat loaf.

As Galaxy goes on to explain, “What is cat loaf all about? The first thing that we want to look at is the position itself; we’ve got paws tucked under the whole body body resting basically on arms…This look right here is decidedly cat. Because what this is saying is I’m not going anywhere.”

Photo: YouTube/Jackson Galaxy

He further points out that cats in this position are quite comfortable. But at the same time, they’re ready to spring into action should the need ever arise. Besides being a comfortable position in which they can quickly move around, this position has other benefits. For one, it allows them to retain body heat. Cats tend to run a little cold, which is why they gravitate towards sunny spots, and heated areas, and even use their humans for their body heat.

Galaxy further adds, “So you may see your loafing cat take their tail and wrap it around their body again it’s all about the preservation of body heat…cats are heat seeking missiles.”

Galaxy also warns humans to keep a close eye out for what is known as the half-loaf position, where they are sitting on their feet. This position can often signify danger or illness.

Photo: YouTube/Jackson Galaxy

Galaxy shares, “Fight and fleeing are both contained in this one little position …if you have something going on in your house where your cat normally would be loafing but they’re into the semi-loaf and nothing has changed …. that actually could be an indication that your cat’s not feeling all that well, because they’re feeling more exposed to threat and they’re feeling more vulnerable. And a lot of times with cats that’s because their physical condition is not to their standards of being able to fight or flee.”

Check out his entire loaf video down below:

What do you think? Did you know about the cat loaf? Let us know!

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