Hilarious Compilation Video Shows Cats Interrupting Work-From-Home News Reporters

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world back in 2020, companies and entire industries shifted to accommodate that. A large part of the changes that took place involved switching from working in person to working remotely from home.

During the heat of the pandemic, even news reporters were forced to report from home. As you can imagine, they experienced some interruptions during their reports at times.

Photo: YouTube/News Be Funny

People set up work spaces at home, but those with pets quickly learned that their furry friends transformed from pets to co-workers. One cat even got a playful letter from HR for being disruptive!

While some people experienced animal-related disruptions that their co-workers had to witness, those in the news space got to share their interruptions with the public.

Photo: YouTube/News Be Funny

In a hilarious compilation video, you can see the best “work from home news cat bloopers.”

In the video, you can see a variety of different clips from news segments where the reporters are stuck at home. In the clips, their pet cats make timely interruptions. Sometimes they even slyly photobomb in the background without being noticed (at least, not right away).

Some of the reporters are visibly caught off guard by their cats showing up at “work,” while others play it off with ease.

Photo: YouTube/News Be Funny

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that the viewers at home enjoyed the unexpected feline guest stars on the news!

Check out the video below:

Have you ever seen a pet interrupt news before? Let us know!

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