Three Cats Attempt To Play Goalkeeper

Cats are known for their quick reflexes, but do they stand a chance playing goalkeeper?

The famous cat trio, Haru, Hana, and Miri, from the popular YouTube channel mugumogu were recently put to the test to find out.

Photo: YouTube/mugumogu

In a recent video, their owner set up a cardboard box that each of the three cats took turns guarding. Their goal was to prevent a small yellow ball from rolling inside the box and they were each rated according to their performance.

Maru was up first but had seemingly zero interest in protecting the goal. The ball rolled right past and she received 0 stars.

Photo: YouTube/mugumogu

Miri was next, and she was a bit slow in her responses but at least she tried. She was awarded with two stars for effort.

Finally, it was Hana’s turn. Much to her owner’s delight, she was an excellent goal keeper and received the highest rating possible!

In the end, Maru had a chance to redeem herself and she did so in an unusual way. Rather than guarding the goal with her paws, she used her tail swishing back and forth to keep the ball out – and it worked!

Photo: YouTube/mugumogu

Maru may not have known she was acting as a master goalkeeper, but her swinging tail ended up being her redeeming grace in the competition.

You can see each of their goalkeeping abilities for yourself in the video below:

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