Watch Scottish Fold Kitties Peek Through A Kaleidoscope

If you’ve spent much time on YouTube, you may be familiar with Maru the Scottish Fold cat and her sisters, Hana and Miri.

The three cats have become an internet sensation and amassed more than 800,000 followers on YouTube alone.

Photo: YouTube/mugumogu

In a recent video shared on the popular YouTube channel mugumogu, you can see the three kitties as they each take turns peeking through a kaleidoscope tunnel.

As a kid, I remember getting to look through a kaleidoscope as being such a magical feeling! There are so many colors and things to look at. It always felt like a special treat getting to hold one and peer inside.

Photo: YouTube/mugumogu

The kaleidoscope in the video below, however, may just be my favorite. After all, the mirrored glass turns into a kaleidoscope of cats the moment the felines peek their head through the tunnel!

The cats seem both intrigued and confused as they take in the colors and shapes of the kaleidoscope glass. It’s quite adorable to watch!

Photo: YouTube/mugumogu

In some of the video shots, it appears that an entire room is filled with cats which is a dream. Of course, there’s really just one cat and its reflection mirrored off the glass, but it’s fun to think about either way.

You can check out the video to see the three cats taking turns experiencing the kaleidoscope for yourself below:

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