Cats And Ducks Gather Outside Library To Form Strange “Society”

I’ve recently gotten into the whole “dark academia” thing, and reading literature that’s in the “dark academia” genre has my imagination getting inspired with ideas for stories about secret societies, etc.

But there is one real-life secret society that I think we’d all want to be a part of if we could because it’s just so cute!

i found this weird cat and duck society near a library, it confused me but was also really cute
by u/deadpegasusx in cats

One man posted about it on his Reddit account.

Photo: Reddit/u/deadpegasusx

The man happened to stumble across it while close to the Miami Lakes Library in Miami Lakes, Florida.

What he saw was truly a strange sight, but so adorable at the same time. It was a gathering of ducks and cats. Even more precious was the fact that these animals all seemed to be getting along and were friends.

Photo: Reddit/u/deadpegasusx

The man took pictures of the little cat and duck convention behind the library, posting it to his Reddit in a post. He wrote, “I found this weird cat and duck society near a library.” He also added, “It confused me but was also really cute.”

What do you think of this adorable little gathering of ducks and cats? Have you ever seen anything like it? Let us know!

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