Cats Make Beautiful AI Artwork And Find A New Home

We all know cats love keyboards. These rescue cats are using their love of keyboards to create AI artwork and get adopted.

If you have a cat, you don’t need anyone to tell you that they love walking around on your keyboard. The more you are on your computer, the more they want to be on the computer as well.

I know from experience that it is impossible to keep them from walking on the keys, so what are you to do? There is an old saying: If you can beat them, join them!

Photos: YouTube / Best Friends Animal Society

That’s exactly what Best Friends Animal Society did.

Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization that has always had the goal of changing the future of animals in shelters. They got their start in 1984, and from humble beginnings; they are now working with network partners across the nation with pet lifesaving centers.

Helping Cats With AI Art

As you probably know, it is not always easy to find people that will adopt cats. Then again, those of us who have cats in our homes realize there is nothing quite as special.

Best Friends Animal Society decided to take the love of cats and the love they have for our keyboards and use it to their advantage.

Photos: YouTube / Best Friends Animal Society

These days, the cats they have up for adoption are using keyboards to create the world’s first AI artwork generated by cats.

The humans set things up, and the cat does the rest. By walking on the keyboards, they are giving commands to the artificial intelligence, and images are generated.

Everybody Wins When They Adopt A Cat

As you look through the images in the video below, you will see that they are both unique and beautiful. They even introduce you to the artists that are responsible for making those pictures.

The rescue also has a surprise for you. If you adopt a Best Friends cat, you get the AI art piece that the feline generated.

It’s a win-win situation!

We are not guaranteeing that your cat is going to be the next Picasso, but the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the abilities of artificial intelligence and the natural love that cats have for computers, they are coming together to create something beautiful.

In the end, you are really getting something that will last a lifetime. As Best Friends says, ‘The art is artificial. The companionship is real.’

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