Cat Owners Believe Their Felines Have One of 5 Different Personalities

There has always been a debate over whether dogs or cats are better pets, but regardless of the outcome of those debates, there are always going to be cat people out there.

Cat people are those who tend to be lovers of felines and they will do anything they possibly can to have a furry cat in their life. That fact made for a rather interesting study, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Solid Gold.

Photo: Pexels/Inge Wallumrød

In order to learn more about how far people will go to show affection for their feline, they reached out to 2000 cat owners. According to the New York Post, they discovered was that on average, Americans who own cats are going to spend over $25,000 on them in the course of their lifetime. It’s little wonder we go out of our way to care for them so much.

In a breakdown of the money, it really becomes much easier to see why cats can cost so much over 15 years.

$764 – This is the cost of scratched-up furniture that needs to be replaced.

$111 – Each veterinary appointment out-of-pocket.

$109 – Food and toys annually.

Photo: Pexels/Anel Rossouw

It also pays to care for your cat to make sure that you are giving them everything that they want. That fact is evident when 53% said that their felines are likely to seek revenge. 52% said that their cats regularly knock items off of counters and wreak havoc every day.

Perhaps some of the more interesting results from the poll showed that 65% felt as if their cat was from a different planet and 70% said they would change nothing about their cat, even after saying they were difficult at times.

Cats also tend to be either a climber or a cuddler. Climbers were slightly more likely at 51%. Many of those who claim to have tornadoes as feline said that they caught them red-handed tearing up various items around the house, including clothing, sofas, and rugs.

On the other hand, those who are considered cuddlers could do no wrong in the eyes of their owners. 78% said that they were complete angels.

Photo: Pexels/Dids

According to SWNS Digital, the CEO of Solid Gold, Steve Ball, said that we love our cats because of their unique personalities. He went on to say: “No matter what kinds of chaos they bring, there’s no denying the things we would do for our furry friends. At the end of the day, pet parents want to make sure their cats are able to be their unique selves for as long as possible.”

So, what are the five personalities, and what is the likelihood that your cat will fall into one of those categories?

Graffiti Artist – 60%
Revenge Seekers – 53%
Tornadoes – 52%
Climbers – 51%
Cuddlers – 49%

What type of cat do you have?

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