Cat Works From Home With Animated Arms

There’s a stereotype about cat owners working from home.

Because cats need to be the center of attention, they often try to join and distract their working owners.

Photo: YouTube/jimmy something doodles

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people got a taste of working from home when widespread lockdowns occurred. For some of those with cats, working from home became a two-party job: the person responsible for the work, and the cat.

One animator took to YouTube to share a creative video he made of a cat working from home with its owner. However, the cat wasn’t just sitting idly by, but doing all the work!

Photo: YouTube/jimmy something doodles

In the video, you can see the cat perched on its owner’s lap in front of a laptop.

The animator drew on two long, black arms that make it seem as if that kitty is taking the brunt of the work on himself.

Photo: YouTube/jimmy something doodles

The cat flips through papers, scratches his ear, and does some much-needed typing. He even checks his phone! It looks like quite a productive and typical day for a work-from-home pet, though this kitty is getting a lot more done than our cats ever have.

If you want to see the cat hard at work for yourself, you can check out the video below:

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