Rescue Cat With A Missing Leg Falls In Love With His New Brother

An abused rescue cat not only got a second chance at life but he found a best friend in the process.

Ana Abad Lobo, who goes on TikTok by @anagrijota93 shared about the rescue cat, explaining that some kids tied a rope to the cat’s leg and left it damaged beyond repair.

Photo: TikTok/@anagrijota93

Since his leg was no longer salvageable, rescuers had no choice but to amputate it.

After the poor kitty recovered from the abuse and amputation, he went on to find a home in Spain with Ana and her family. The family already had one cat, Oreo, and they weren’t sure how the new rescue kitty, who they named Sugus, would adjust to life with a new brother.

Photo: TikTok/@anagrijota93
Photo: TikTok/@anagrijota93

As Ana shared in a sweet TikTok video, it didn’t take long before Sugus warmed up to Oreo and they fell in love!

The two cats become nearly inseparable and it’s clear that they really love one another! Sugus wasn’t sure at first, but Oreo was patient and persistent in showing the little cat that he was safe now.

Photo: TikTok/@anagrijota93

They started as strangers but now they’re like family and that’s just so beautiful.

You can see Oreo meeting Sugus in the video below:

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To keep up with Ana, Oreo, and Sugus, you can follow them on Instagram or TikTok!

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