Black Cat Does Adorable “Water Dance” Mid-Drink

Cats are weird, but they’re weird in the best way possible.

Their little quirks and strangeness can easily provide us with endless hours of entertainment. For example, watching their zoomies, where they get a little crazy and begin to run around the house, can be quite fun to watch.

Photo: Pexels/Arina Krasnikova

But that’s not the only thing that they do that’s strange. In fact, every single cat owner probably has an individual story of the kinds of strangeness that their fur babies express.

The following video is no exception. We know that cats can have strange little habits, but this one takes the cake.

Photo: Flickr/Taiyo FUJII License: CC BY 2.0

Apparently, one cat owner managed to record their black kitty’s strange little “water dance” before he takes a drink.

In the video shared by ViralHog, the black cat can be seen going for a drink, but before he does, he ends up pawing at the ground like he’s sweeping at the floor.

Photo: Flickr/cuatrok77

The cat continues to do this as he drinks. You can see this little guy’s bizarre “water dance” in the video here.

What do you think of this black cat’s water dance? Does your cat do something similar before they eat or drink water? Let us know!

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