Cat Walks 280 Miles Across France To Find Her Way Back Home Again

If you’ve ever lost a pet because it got loose and ran away, you realize it can be a very difficult time in life. We love the animal and we want to make sure that they come back safely, but, unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

Perhaps that is how Laëtitia De Amicis felt when she moved across France with her family along with her three cats. They had to move because of work, and they knew that the felines, Felys, Crapaud, and Cocci, were not familiar with the new area.

Photo: Flickr/Rennett Stone License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

According to The Global Herald, since they lived in Normandy after leaving the Orne region of France, they kept the cats inside but Cocci got loose in August 2021. They continued to look for Cocci for three months, but it seemed as if she was gone.

Laëtitia and her two teenage daughters were heartbroken, but she didn’t want the girls to be too worried. She told them that Cocci had probably gone back to their original home but she never thought that it could be true.

It was a stranger who found Cocci about 280 miles away from where they live now. Amazingly, it was only about 5 miles from their former home. They recognized the cat from a Facebook post, although the mom did admit that she “looked completely different.”

A local veterinarian took a look at the feline and determined that she was 10 years old, the same age as Cocci. They also found out that she had been spayed.

Laëtitia spoke with her father and asked him to go identify the cat. He didn’t believe that it could be true but he did eventually agree that he would go check things out.

The father ended up having a video call with his daughter, and she said that she saw the cat cuddling with him. They tried to call her by a number of different names but the only name she responded to was Cocci.

According to The Global Herald, Laëtitia said she was with her daughter at the time and they burst into tears. Their son was also skeptical but when they went to pick the cat up, she recognized them right away.

Before they were able to take Cocci home, she had to stay at the veterinarian for three weeks. She had fleas and worms, an infection, and only weighed about 2 pounds. Since they brought her home, however, she is doing well and has adapted again.

Laëtitia started Cocci her own Instagram account so they could share photos of her. You can keep up with her, @cocci_le_chat.

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