Paitent Cat Waits At The Door Each Morning To Greet The Mailman

It is typically dogs who have a relationship with the mailman – good or bad. We’ve seen plenty of videos online that feature dogs either loving their neighborhood mailman or losing their minds over their daily nemesis.

Either way, most of these mailman videos feature dogs at the center of them. However, that is not the case for the following TikTok video.

Photo: TikTok/@marisajaffe

As it turns out, there is one little feline whose favorite part of the day is when mail gets delivered. According to cat mom, Marisa Jaffe, her cat loves it when the mail arrives.

Apparently, the feeling is mutual as the mailman is quite happy to greet the waiting cat.

Photo: TikTok/@marisajaffe

The two have formed a cute little bond and routine, in which the mailman drops off the mail through the letterbox, and the kitty eagerly tries to collect it.

The cat’s owner shared on TikTok that this isn’t just a once-off occurrence, it’s a daily part of the cat’s routine.

Photo: TikTok/@marisajaffe

It’s so cute to watch as the cat sits patiently waiting for the mailman to arrive and then springs into action.

Check out the adorable video featured down below:

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Does your cat ever greet the mailman? Does your cat ever retrieve the mail? Let us know!

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