House Cat Protects Home From Bobcat And Chases Her Off

If you’re familiar with bobcats or mountain lions, you recognize that they’re quite large compared to their domesticated relatives. House cats might be feisty at times, but they’re no match against a wild bobcat.

Apparently, one bold house cat decided to test his luck when a bobcat approached his home in Northern California.

Photo: YouTube/Kym Kemp

According to Active Norcal, Pat and Keith Neighbors live in Southern Humboldt County in Northern California. They have a surveillance camera set up at their home, and they managed to capture a pretty intense exchange between a bold cat and a bobcat!

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, you can see a cat sitting in her crate on the back porch. She seemingly hears some sort of commotion and carefully peaks her head outside of her crate.

Photo: YouTube/Kym Kemp

In the background of the video, you can see what appears to be a black and white cat sprinting, followed closely by a bobcat. Perhaps the wild bobcat is looking for a snack.

After the black and white cat disappears, the bobcat starts to approach the home. She doesn’t get very far though before she notices the cat in her crate and lunges!

Photo: YouTube/Kym Kemp

While many animals might’ve given up or tried to run away, the house cat fights back and actually chases the bobcat away from the home! What a brave feline.

“A bobcat tries for breakfast, but fast and feisty housecats fend it off,” the video is captioned.

You can see the exchange for yourself below:

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