Watch the Serene Moment Between a Cat and a Turtle Basking in the Sunlight

Animals often enjoy spending time alone in quiet places. They lay under the trees, nap on a branch, bathe in sunshine, or lie surrounded by flowers in the meadow. Days could get difficult and tiring for them, and an hour alone could help them regain energy. Cats do me-times and treat themselves to a tranquil moment in their favorite spot. They take great importance in their personal space, so do not worry if your feline is nowhere to be found for hours. Sometimes they don’t do it alone; cats will also allow company if they don’t disrupt the peace.

Photo: Reddit/colour_banditt

Felines could even share a moment under the warm sunlight with a turtle. A Redditor with the username colour_banditt uploaded the clip on Reddit. Due to the seemingly peaceful scenario, the video garnered 4.8k upvotes. The 49-second clip showed a cat quietly loving her spot under the sunlight. Then you’ll notice a turtle climbing carefully toward the little bed. Looks like it wants to relax with the cat, and maybe they are friends, just like what OP wrote in the caption. Instead of scaring the reptile away, the cat did not mind and remained in its spot.

As they enjoyed the sunlight in the video, Redditors could not help but express their thoughts in the comment section. Petrus_Rock shared, “I don’t know why, but cats and turtles seem to get along great most of the time. We have a turtle too, and the neighbourhood cats love her. Whenever there is a new cat in the neighbourhood, we know by their first reaction to our turtle. New cats don’t expect a ‘moving stone.’ But once they get used to it, they love to hang out with that weird moving stone.” Perhaps cats can tolerate turtles because they are not as rowdy as other animals. It could also be because the animals in the videos have been living together for a long time.

“Awwwww, so sweet! Do they always nap together?” StephieBeck asked. OP replied to her comment and answered, “Almost every morning. There was another post of mine here that was removed because it was them sleeping. You can see it on my profile.” The feline and the turtle are really best buds, and basking in the sunlight might be their favorite bond. It was a beautiful sight. Uploading it on Reddit was so nice of colour_banditt — anyone watching the clip will smile and be tempted to rest under the warm sun.

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