Photographer Captures Close-Up Video Of Cat Lapping Up Spilled Milk

If you’ve ever watched a cat lap up some milk, you know just how entertaining it can be. The way they use their tongues is so fascinating but it can be hard to really see what’s going on in real time.

Thankfully, a cat photographer based in Germany managed to film a close-up video of his cat lapping up some spilled milk and the result is incredible.

Photo: TikTok/@furryfritz

You see, “Catographer” Nils Jacobi of Furry Fritz didn’t just film the cat straight on, he angled his camera under a sheet of glass that the milk was spilled on top of.

The angle allowed Jacobi to capture the cat’s tongue with a full view of its papillae.

Photo: TikTok/@furryfritz

According to Hill’s Pet, it’s the papillae that give a cat’s tongue a sandpaper-like texture. The barbed papillae help grip not only food but anything else they might like, from blankets to humans!

Check out the video below:

@furryfritz Got milk?🥛😺 #furryfritz #catographer #cat #catasmr ♬ original sound – furryfritz

As it turns out, this video isn’t the only bit of content Jacobi has about cat tongues. It seems to be a fascination of his!

He shared on Instagram just a few months ago, “Cats tongues are so fascinating to me!”

He added in a follow-up post that he thinks tongues are “one of the most exciting features of a cat.”

Check out the photos below:

If you’d like to see more of his content with cat tongues, check out the videos below:

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