Orange Tabby Cat Dominates The “Cat Tape Challenge” On TikTok

Cats can be quite skilled little acrobats in their own right. We’ve seen plenty of cat videos online that prove this point, with graceful felines clearing obstacles in their path like it’s nothing.

Some cats just have that finesse to jump through the air with grace and beauty, and then there are other cats that didn’t quite inherit that gene.

Photo: TikTok/@branthua

Some cats can actually be on the clumsy side. While they can jump over things, they tend to do so with slightly disastrous results. Given this night-and-day dichotomy of cats’ acrobatic skills, many cat owners like to set up little viral challenges online to test just how graceful or not their own kitties might be.

Enter the “cat tape challenge.” Basically, this is where an owner adds a strip of tape in the hallway to see the cat’s reaction.

Photo: TikTok/@branthua

The owner of an orange cat, @branthua, had quite the results. While the cat managed to clear every hurdle, it’s clear that the cat isn’t putting his best foot forward.

He’s doing the bare minimum, and we totally get that. In the video, you can see the cat approaching the tape, he stops to make a quick assessment before jumping over.

Photo: TikTok/@branthua

It’s pretty impressive too, as some of the strips of tape are quite high.

Watch this incredible feline down below:

@branthua DESTROYED this challenge!!!😀😀😀#catchallenge #tapechallenge #catjumpchallenge #siamese #cattricks #jumpingcat #fypシ ♬ I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE – Måneskin

What do you think of this cat’s jumping skills? Is your cat this graceful or can they be a little more clumsy? Let us know!

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