2-Year-Old Cat Wins ‘National Cat of the Year’ for Protecting His Deaf Owner

We often hear about guide and assistance dogs that help people who struggle with various issues. Zebby is also an assistant for his deaf owner, but he has the distinction of being an assistance cat.

Thousands of cats were in the running for the National Cat of the Year award in the UK. That award, given by Cats Protection, honors a feline that does something special in life.

Photos: YouTube / Cats Protection

Before being awarded the National Cat of the Year, Zebby had to win the Family Fur-ever category. Zebby was a shoo-in.

Zebby’s Home Life

This very special cat lives with 66-year-old Genevieve Moss. Aside from Zebby, she lives alone, and she could use the help. Genevieve is unable to hear without her hearing aid, so if she isn’t wearing it at night, she can’t hear anything that happens.

This even led to her being robbed at one point, but Zebby is now there to let her know when something is going on. This little helper even grabs her mail and slippers.

Genevieve referred to Zebby as being her ‘night watchman, postman, and guardian.’

Photos: YouTube / Cats Protection

She said the cat alerts her when the phone is ringing or if the security light goes on. Zebby will wake her up by gently tapping her face.

The only problem with living with such a protective cat is that there are times when Genevieve needs to sneak out the back door. Zebby will sometimes block the front door so she can’t go out.

A Proud Cat Mom

In speaking with Cats Protection, Genevieve said: “I am so proud of Zebby for showing the world how intuitive and caring cats can be, and what a positive effect they can have on people’s lives.”

She then went on to say: “Without him, I’d feel very frightened. I used to be scared to go to sleep…I used to sort of lay awake. But now I can sleep knowing that Zebby’s going to be there.”

Along with the distinction of being such a special cat, Zebby got a trophy and a voucher from a pet store.

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