This Person Works Hard at Home Under the Supervision of a Cat

Cats are highly inquisitive creatures. When something catches their attention, they’ll observe it and even try to interact with it. They’ll roam indoors and outdoors to go out for an adventure — feeding their curious minds. You’ll even notice that they observe what you do, and even reach the point that they’ll approach you to see things closely. One of the things that humans do that cats find fascinating is when you’re in front of a computer.

Photo: Unsplash/Biel Morro

The internet has a collection of cat videos shared by their fur parents. A feline sitting in front of a laptop is one of the most shared types of content online. It’s adorable how they are fascinated by technology. They watch what’s happening on the screen like a work supervisor. According to reports, cats even get in between you and the computer screen to get your attention. Aside from observing how you work, a cat will sometimes sit on the keyboard, probably looking for warmth. Their randomness truly makes them even more lovable.

Photo: Reddit/spyrg

If cats are that observant, they’d be perfect work supervisors, just like a video from Reddit shows. You can see in the cat’s eyes how serious it was in observing the human’s work performance, and its cute ears were moving as if expressing what it thinks about the output. The person might be working from home, but there was still a supervisor beside her. Nevertheless, if the supervisor is that charming, you might be okay with having watchful eyes near you.

Reddit users were fascinated by the video uploaded by spyrg that earned 50.7k upvotes and hundreds of comments. People even exchanged jokes and interpretations of the video. JDolittle funnily wrote, “How much trouble have you gotten into for this level of micromanaging to be needed?” It indeed looked like the cat was micromanaging as if one more wrong detail might make it would sigh out of disappointment. “I don’t think you will make it past the 90-day probation period. He is definitely not impressed.,” MadameLuna commented, which might be a joke about how the cat looked at the screen.

Share this video with your friends who also work from home. It’ll be fun to send the post to someone who has a cat at home and probably does the same thing. But if you have the same experience, you should share your story in the comment section. Let them know the system you have when working from home with a cat supervising your performance.

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