This Cat Has the Most Adorable Reaction to a Human Sneeze

Animals are adorably funny and have some of the most irresistible traits — they can convert anyone into an animal lover. Cats go at the top of the list of the most shared pets on the internet. They have many exceptional qualities that make them the ideal company to have at home. In short, cats are magnificent creatures that deserve all the good things in the world — even if they give you a few scratches here and there. Despite the cold demeanor, cats love their humans and show it most interestingly.

One cat even knows what to say after its human sneezes — yes, Penny the ginger cat knows the human language. Penny was featured in a well-followed Instagram account, Cats of Instagram. The reel was initially uploaded on Penny’s page, which her human mom manages. Penny was lounging in the living room in the video when she heard her human sneeze. Amazingly, she let out a meow that seemed to be her version of “bless you” — Penny understands what needs to be done. Her human mom made the post more adorable, saying, “My mom taught me good manners” — indeed, Penny is a well-mannered cat.

Due to the adorably creative content, it garnered 1.3 million views on Cats of Instagram. The Instagram reel even became a topic of discussion — questioning if she really said “bless you.” Instagram users had their own ideas about how a cat would really react. A comment even said Penny might have said “shut up” since people see cats as animals that do not like to be disturbed. Other Instagram users also shared the same experience, saying that their cats meow as well after they sneeze. Felines are undoubtedly an intelligent and often polite species — there are a lot of reasons to love them.

Penny has been making the internet happy with her cute antics and wonderful bond with her humans. The account is already followed by 123k cat lovers — all smitten by Penny. Her human parents have also created accounts on different socials such as TikTok and Youtube. Let Penny be a part of your Instagram timeline and get your daily dose of serotonin.

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