Other Cats Do Zoomies. This One Does Slowmies!

For many pet owners, cat and dog zoomies are a source of good laughter and fascination.

Yep, there’s that sudden burst of energy that makes your pet run across the house as if it’s being chased by the highway patrol. Your pet just keeps running, jumping, spinning, and rolling like crazy — yet obviously happy and excited about what it’s doing. At times, it might even invite playmates to join the game.

Photo: Tiktok/dunkindonutcat

Is it a game? An exercise? Or a practice to hone its hunting skills?

According to experts, zoomies are a natural behavior for some animals like cats, dogs, and rabbits. The behavior’s scientific name is Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs). However, it has not been studied extensively; that’s why experts could offer only a couple of factors that could be causing FRAPS, such as increased stimulation and excitement.

This means zoomies are a source of fun and pleasure for your pet.

Photo: Tiktok/dunkindonutcat

“If the zoomies are occurring as part of your animal’s regular play routine, this indicates your animal is happy and enjoying themselves,” according to The Conversation.

However, there are certain “zoomies” you should watch out for. If your pet is doing it for an unusually extended time, for example. Or when your pet does it when confined. The behavior may be induced by stress or an underlying medical condition. If you find it difficult to distract or make your pet stop, or if the behavior causes injury, it’s best for you to take your pet to the vet.

Photo: Tiktok/dunkindonutcat

Meanwhile, this viral post on Tiktok is not causing alarm at all, even though the cat in the video has his own kind of zoomies — SLOWMIES. Well, it seems he’s really trying to do the athletic feat with minimal effort as the post describes.

Yep, it’s not the usual type of top-speed zoomies but you can tell that this cat is enjoying his slowmies.

TikTok users were inspired to share delightful comments:

Photo: Tiktok/dunkindonutcat

From Michaels Stores: “Slowmies: because life’s not a race.”

From Separ❤️: “He’s going fast, in his mind😂🥺❤️”

From Emily: “It’s like trying to run in a dream.”

From Breelightyear: “When I say ‘I’ll be right there.’ This is what I mean.”

From Melissa McGuire-Jani: “The last little ‘jormp’.”


all about minimal effort 😺

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