Sleeping Cat Blocks Commuters By Napping On Transit Card Scanner

If there’s one thing we know about cats, it’s the fact that they are willing to sleep anywhere, as long as it is comfortable. They often don’t even care what is going on around them, they just want to get a nap in.

We often see evidence of this in our home but it seems as if they do this when they are out and about as well. In Turkey, a commuter named Aditya S. Rahman showed us evidence of this in a video that she posted on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/@adityarahman_38

Rahman was trying to scan her pass to enter the transit system but there was a problem. A ginger cat was sleeping on the scanner and blocking the screen from view.

As you watch the video, you begin to realize that this is the first time Rahman had a run-in with this feline.

Photo: Instagram/@adityarahman_38

She simply took it in stride, sliding her card underneath the cat and scanning it without disturbing the feline.

She even managed to give the cat a little scratch while she was passing by to say hello.

Other people have posted similar videos, and this must be something that happens regularly. Maybe they are just there to wish the workers a good day:

What’s the strangest place you’ve found a cat sleeping before? Let us know!

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