This Cat’s Favorite Sleeping Spot Is…Unorthodox, To Say the Least

Cats are such mysterious creatures! More than ten thousand years after they’ve become domesticated, many of their behaviors still puzzle us.

Sometimes they seem unable to live without our love, following us everywhere we go and watching over everything we do. But then, there are times when their attention is more focused on another animal outdoors — a bird, another cat, a puppy — and they behave like nothing else exists in the universe but the two of them.

Photo: Tiktok/kreamkopi

Then, there are those occasions when your cat kneads your lap in delight or gives you kitty kisses through the slow blinking of its eyes. Yet, there’s also the annoying feline habit of zooming in the hallway and making cat calls at midnight. How could this animal who seems to display such sweet affection for you wreak havoc on your sleep repeatedly?

Well, in case your cat appears hyperactive at night, experts advise that you try to exercise your pet every day. This way, your cat’s energy gets expended, and it won’t feel restless in the evening. Feed your cat well at the end of the day, too, to curb its natural hunting instinct as a nocturnal predator.

Photo: Tiktok/kreamkopi

Now, in this viral post, this is one feline sleeping habit that will baffle and amuse you, the same way it makes its cat owner wonder and smile. Kream and Kopi are sibling cats who are full of funny antics just like most cats. They are also full of love for their human family and for each other, filling their home with warmth and joy, along with laughter.

But Kream has this sleeping habit that’s unique from anything that Kopi does. She loves sleeping on a precarious spot of a ladder at home. Her huge body hardly fits on the rung, and yet Kream sleeps on it with serenity.


Kream in her fave spot 🐱

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Tiktok commenters couldn’t help reacting with worry and amusement!

MoFin827 wrote: “Those stairs are the stairs of nightmares.”

Likewise, risabenedict177 remarked, “😂😂😂 why is it cats seem to just LOVE putting themselves into positions that look Sooo dang uncomfortable to us humans? Beautiful kitty!!”

Meanwhile, Blackqeen_me commented, “Massage stairs?🤣”

Another fitting reaction from skimslim: “Living on the edge.”

And yes, everyone’s right that cats are such intriguing creatures. Watch Kream as she comes down the ladder with self-assurance and amazing agility!!


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